“Who is someone in the ACA community that you are grateful or thankful for, and why?

By Sydney Starr

The Charter, 10/31/18

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“Erin Holman, she has been supporting students in my class, and she’s encouraging… friendly and great to collaborate with.” – Carly Carruthers, Language Arts Teacher and ES


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“I’m really grateful for my ES, Megan Burt, she’s really helpful and easy to connect with. I had her as my teacher last year, she’s really amazing. I love her. She has fun ways of learning and she’s easy to connect with.” – Siena Geren, 16, Sophomore


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“Mr. Toth, because last year I was really struggling with the math we had, and he took me aside and set aside some time for me and other people to learn more, tutor time.” – Alaynee Lofts, 13, 8th Grade


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“Mr. Cheskin, he’s just been there the whole time, and has helped me be a better musician, and he’s just been there for me for a long time, and at ACA for a long time.” – Haladar Wright, 14, Freshman


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“The principal/director, because she works really hard to keep things organized and up to date with what’s happening in the school.” – Jessica Scott, Parent