Julie Swanson’s New Position

By Rachel Shulikov

Since Jill Mohr stepped down from her part-time lead teacher position a couple months ago, we’re well into this school year with Julie Swanson as our new lead teacher. Swanson qualified for the job and is now ACA’s new lead teacher.

Swanson started off as a teacher, she taught high school Language Arts and also was an ES.  When she heard about the lead teacher position, she did an interview and got the position.

Jill Mohr, who was on the team that was choosing the new lead teacher, commented that “[Swanson] is doing a fantastic job! She has all of the talents, knowledge and skill to be an excellent administrator.”  According to Mohr, the qualities that Swanson had were that she was an excellent teacher, and she had wonderful communication skills. She’s dedicated to the ACA community.  She’s passionate about a quality education for all of our students, and has experience leading teachers as a team.

Swanson is now the new lead teacher. She said “My job is to support teachers both in the classroom, and through professional development.” Swanson is also the Dean of Students in which she supports students and helps them be successful.

Swanson said that she misses her teaching and ESing, but she also said “I think that my first job was really helpful to my new job.”  She mentioned missing the space where she was comfortable, helping kids, and sometimes she even misses editing and grading papers.

Liberty Cox, one of Swanson’s former ES students said “I cried when I found out Julie couldn’t be my ES…but I was incredibly happy that she got a (highly deserved) promotion.” She went on saying that she missed her very much, and that Swanson is an incredible person and a wonderful friend.


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