ACA’s Next Drama Club Performance

By Hailey Fox

The Drama Club at ACA has done many plays, some original, and some classics. This year, they will be performing The Tempest, a play written by William Shakespeare.

There are a lot of students in the play this year, Liberty Cox is one of those students. Cox plays Miranda, the main character’s daughter. According to Cox, “My Boo” is Ian Sofich. He plays Ferdinand, the love interest of Miranda. Lily Meier is another student in Drama. She’s playing Ariel. She described her role as, “Ariel is a servant of Prospero, the main wizard, I pretty much follow him around in slaved to him because he helped me escape.”

Everyone seems to be really enthusiastic for the play. When asked about her hopes for the play, Meier said, “I hope that everyone has a lot of fun with it and during practice we’re like all very committed and paying attention. I hope I expand my acting skills and I hope everyone else does too.” When asked the same question, Cox she said she hopes, “That I can freaking get on stage! For my friggin’ cue! My only goal is being on stage when I’m supposed to.”

The other students in the play are, Sequoia Conway, Chloe Galambos, Sarah Graf, Hallie McMillan, Sariah McMillan, Ella Pearson, Gracelyn Pen, Louis Peterson, Ashton Scott, Anika Shubin, Kyra Shubin, Trinity Shubin, Paige Stickney, Tazio Villali, Haladar Wright, and Gavin Young. The director of the play is Paul Angelo, the teacher for the high school drama club

The Tempest is a story about magic, betrayal, and forgiveness. According to a video on Youtube, “Prospero was the Duke of Milan, and had a brother named Antonio. Prospero was a deeply loved duke but unfortunately he naively put his trust in his brother, Antonio” The video then goes on about his brother Antonio (The actual ruler of Milan) and the King of Naples, Alonso. Alonso was Prospero’s enemy. Antonio ends up exiling Prospero so he can have the wealth and title his brother has, he does this with the help of Alonso. However, before Antonio deserted Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, his ally Gonzalo stashed some food, water, clothes, and magical books. However, when Antonio was ruling, Prospero was working on his magic. According to Sofich, “It’s essentially about a man who was usurped from his, Duke-tom… It’s about him basically forgiving the people who did it.”

If you want to go see The Tempest, it will be the first weekend in May according to Paul Angelo. When Angelo was asked about the cast he said, “Everyone plays such an important part, even if you have more lines that doesn’t mean you’re ‘main’.”





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