Harvest Dance 2018

By: MIRIAM LEE 10/24/18

ACA’s annual Harvest Dance—previously organized by parents—has been taken over by the students. Get ready for a night of music, dancing, treats, and spooky decorations.

The ACA newsletter states that this year’s dance will be held in the ACA cafeteria from 7:00-10:00pm, on October 26th. According to Hallie McMillan, one of the student organizers, grades 7th-12th can pre-order tickets for $5 in study hall, or purchase them at the door for $7.

On September 26th, 2018 over lunchtime announcements, Michael Lancaster said, “Our school’s tradition of having a Harvest Ball is in danger due to a lack of volunteers. At this point, no one has stepped up to organize the event, which is typically held in late October. It’s not too late… if you’re interested see Danelle Till, who is glad to provide the support you may need. But do so soon!”

After hearing the news, sisters Hallie and Sariah McMillan brought together a group of students to help organize the event.

Ashton Scott, volunteer DJ, explained in an interview how he and the team plan on improving the dance. He said, “I think we have a larger workforce, if that makes sense… Beth was the primary contributor and she made most of the decorations—which is amazing, she did amazing—but I think since we have more people it will be more put together as a whole.”

Ian Sofich, leader of the haunted house unit, says, “Unfortunately, since we’re really short on time, and we underestimated the amount of work we’d need to put in, we decided to postpone the haunted house for next year.”

Although the haunted house won’t be making an appearance this year Ashton Scott reassures us that students will still have a wide variety of music to dance to, homemade treats to snack on, and an intense costume contest.

As far as costumes go, Danelle Till—event supervisor—says, “They (students) can wear masks, but must identify themselves at the beginning of the dance. We will keep a list of mask identities. Gore should be kept in the PG-13 range.”

She also says that you are allowed to invite friends from outside ACA. However, they must fill out a guest form, located in study hall, prior to the event.

Hallie McMillan says that her team is planning on organizing the event again next year, and that they hope to improve by adding more activities. They’d love to add a haunted house with more time to plan.


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