Who is Denise Dille?

by: Rachel Shulikov

There is a staff member, a teacher, an ES, that not everyone knows, because she was doing something that not everyone knew about.  Her name is Denise Dille.

Dille was born in Oregon, then she moved to Arizona, and lived there for eight years, until she moved back to Oregon.  She likes dogs and cats. She got married to her high school sweetheart, who she dated since she was fifteen years old.  She has two sons who both finished school, one of them graduated from ACA. One of them finished college and the other one is still in college.  Dille went to University of Western Oregon, and has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.DSC_0022

When Dille started working at ACA, she was an ES for five years.  Then she started working for a program called Arrowsmith Program that helped kids with Neurocognitive deficits, like dyslexia and autism.  The program was downstairs by the preschool room,which is now the room that families can go to and work. Dille worked there for four years, until the program closed down, because there weren’t enough students.  Dille liked the program, she said that she “appreciated the opportunity to work with the kids”.

After the program closed down, Dille went back to ESing and she also teaches/helps in two other classes, which are, the Language Arts Lab, and a reading class, which have some kids that are like the ones that were in the program.  Dille likes ACA because it made a place where her son can feel successful, happy, and feel like has part of a community.

Students and teachers like Dille.  Two students that were in the Arrowsmith program said that they like her, and that she was a good teacher, they said that she was a fun person to hang around.  Dille taught them math, and also she helped them strengthen their minds. Dille worked with Kristin Meier in the program for four years.  Meier was Dille’s co-teacher. They both knew each other for four years.  Meier said the Dille was a wonderful teacher and hard worker, she loved the kids in the program and was good at identifying the challenges the kids had, and finding unique ways to help them.  



Dille, Denise. Personal interview, September 27th, 2018

Meier, Kristin. Personal interview, September 27th, 2018

Two students. Personal interview, September 26th, 2018