The Book Nook

By Mackenzie Waterman

Note: Author has familial connections to the subject of the story.

Owning a bookstore has always been a dream that Megan and Paul Waterman shared. In December of 2017, their dream came true, they opened “The Book Nook”. The name comes from a quote from Longfellow. “The love of learning, the sequestered nooks. And all the sweet serenity of Books.”

Megan and Paul have 6 children who have attended or currently attend Alliance Charter Academy. Megan was also the PAT Treasurer at ACA for the school year of 2016-2017.

Being the treasurer for the PAT inspired Megan to pursue and complete her small business management certificate, prior to opening the bookstore. All of the children have participated in the opening of the book store, as well as helping shelve books and run the register, including me.

The Book Nook is the newest bookstore in Canby, before it there hasn’t been a bookstore in many years;there wasn’t any bookstore similar to our style in any city nearby, explained Waterman. Selling primarily used and vintage books, book-related gifts, stationery, and supporting local authors, The book Nook was growing rapidly. The Watermans outgrew their space pretty fast. They moved to a bigger space after just  6 months to keep up with demand. The original 350 sq ft space became so crowded that they moved to the 1100 sq ft space next door. They also have an online store where they sell new, vintage and audio books.

They recently grew their curriculum section. ”We purchased several books-  All of the kids got to pick out a book.  I also found some great cookie cutters that I got for my cookie baking friend.  They were unique shapes that I haven’t seen before. Finally we got a game for the kids.”Said Megan Burt, Education specialist and Teacher at Alliance Charter Academy.I did not purchase any homeschool curriculum there, and I did not know that it was sold there, but I was not looking for that.  Glad to know you have it.” Many parents and teachers that ACA have visited and purchased from The Book Nook. The store offers a 10% discount to Teachers and home educators.

“ Our journey into bookselling began with vintage books, husband and wife dates spent hunting for book treasures. We quickly realized we had a passion to share the joy and adventure that comes when you discover a book that speaks to you.” said store owner, Megan Waterman.

 The journey wasn’t always easy, Megan confessed to me, as a new small business owner she’s always concerned about being knowledgeable enough and the struggle of learning all of the different avenues to get our name out there. But was it worth it? “Absolutely,” Waterman exclaimed. “ I am amazed at the positive response we have received and how quickly we have grown.”

The future plans they have is steady, sustainable grow until they can hire employees and host more writers’ groups and author events. They also hope to grow into a building they own themselves. “ We always knew that we wanted to plant our store in a small town. To be a part of that small local community is so important.” Said Waterman.

The store will be hosting a couple local author meet & greets later this year.

William Burt, a local christian young adult and homeschool curriculum writer will be having one on November 10th at 1:30 pm.

The author of the Children’s picture book ”Letters of the West”, Michelle E. Walch and illustrator John Maddin Will also be having a meet & greet on December 2nd at 7pm.

I loved the store!  It was cozy and unique!  It was set up in a way that made me want to explore and spend time there.  I came with my extended family and we brought lots of kids. They loved looking around at all the books and other unique items.  They were kept very busy while I explored the titles. It was a very kid friendly experience, and parents with kids would be happy to know that.” Said Mrs. Burt.



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