New Director: Seanna Bloemer

By Alyssa DiLoreto

Meet Seanna

Seanna Bloemer is not just the new director of ACA, she’s also a friend, wife and mother of two ACA graduates. Her favorite pastimes are hiking and reading. Bloemer has been working at our school for twelve years, and an Education Specialist (ES) for eleven years before her new position. She absolutely adores helping, guiding and working with her students (primarily high schoolers). If there’s one fact about Bloemer it’s that she has a lot of energy and is ready to help whenever and wherever.

“Teaching is a lifestyle, not just a job,” quotes Bloemer.

How She Became the Director

When Seanna Bloemer first knew the position was available (after Nic Chapin left), she had never thought of becoming director. “Many of my colleagues, parents and fellow staff alike told me I should take the job,” she stated, but the thought made her nervous. After a lot of time thinking, Bloemer realized she could do it. If she didn’t take the job, then someone from outside ACA would have to take over. Bloemer realized the new director should be someone who knew the school well. Thus we now have new director, Seanna Bloemer.

Student Reactions

While many students were upset about Nic Chapin’s departure, they are still excited about Bloemer taking over.

“I thought ACA was doomed,” says freshman Miriam Lee. “Seanna is great. I’ve known her for a while. ACA is in safe hands.”

“I like that one of the original staff members became the director, rather than some rando,” stated ACA Senior Samantha Rands.

Her Mission

At ACA, there is nothing Bloemer loves more than the people within its walls. This year, Bloemer wants to ensure that everyone feels safe here, not just physically, but emotionally as well. She wants to create a safe environment for all to be comfortable to learn as much as they can. Especially with the new staff change, people may think that our school is changing too much. However Bloemer believes that even with all these changes, ACA will always be ACA and nothing can change that.


Bloemer, Seanna, personal interview. September 6th, 2018

Lee, Miriam, personal interview. September 24th, 2018

Rands, Samantha, personal interview. September 24th, 2018Staff_415_Seanna_Bloemer_IMG_0508