Marcus Yonce

By: Evalina Shulikov

A new Educational Specialist and teacher just joined the team at ACA this year! Marcus Yonce is a quiet and independent person who has a love for writing. He has experience with vast cultures which will be beneficial to our diverse school.

Mr. Yonce went to a university in Seattle and got a four year degree for accounting, but realized he didn’t want to do that for the rest of his life. He went back to school to learn how to become a teacher. He thought being a teacher was fun. Yonce went up to Alaska and worked at Bering Strait School District that serves sixteen rural Alaskan communities. These native communities have their own culture and speak their own languages. He taught in three of them; Inupiaq, Yu’pik and St. Lawrence Island Yupik.

Some of Mr. Yonce’s hobbies are writing and cooking. On an average day, he usually writes a couple thousand words. Currently, he is working on multiple narrative pieces.  His apartment kitchen is a bit crowded but he still enjoys cooking and baking delicious dishes. Yonce’s favorite book is The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson. “The book does a good job of painting an interesting world and asking some tough moral questions of its characters,” said Marcus Yonce. Although he doesn’t have his own family, his parents live up in Washington and he likes to visit them every so often.

Mr. Yonce found out about our school through a website called “Indeed.” He was looking for a job that would give him an opportunity to advise students. An Educational Specialist was the perfect fit! Mr. Yonce also teaches the Middle School Language Arts lab. He really enjoys working with the students in his class. They spent the first few weeks working on core skills, techniques for developing narrative writing and they are in the process of really polishing their skills.

Marcus Yonce is a new teacher and ES at our school. If you’re walking down the halls, Mr. Yonce will never pass you without smiling or saying hello. Our Language Arts department has gained a great member to their team. According to his ES students and other teachers, Mr. Yonce is private yet pleasant and positive. yonce


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