Kim Kruger Leaves ACA

By Sydney Starr

The Charter News

As the 2018-2019 school year starts for families at Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) there will be one less familiar face there, Kim Kruger, The Curriculum Manager, has left her job.

Karen Downing, who worked with Kruger as the Curriculum Assistant, has now transitioned to working full time as the new Curriculum Manager. In addition, ACA has hired a parent, Mary Harvard, to take the position of Curriculum Assistant. Downing says that the staff changes will not change how long it takes to get curriculum, it will still take families 3-4 weeks to get materials from the time of ordering.

Kruger said that the decision to leave ACA “…was the hardest decision I have ever made and it took me several years [to make] actually.” She also said “I love the school, the people and especially the kids. I loved my job… [But] because we are all so busy with the day to day tasks of running the school and all of the requirements from the state, I feel we are moving farther away from the mission instead of towards it. However, it is a fight that we need to find time for if we want to continue to provide an individualized education” Kruger feels that “I have done everything that I can do at this point to help ACA.”

Kruger chose this time to leave because “the Curriculum Room was in a really good place…and the same with the High School Transcripts.” Furthermore, Kruger said that she had given notice and “was working with admin over the last couple [of] months, and it was just too hard to say goodbye to [everyone]. ACA has been my second family and it is another loss for me.”

In Kruger’s farewell letter she says “ ...whether I feel ready or not, it’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new possibilities.And she says that “I am taking time to research and explore new ideas. I am not sure if I want to stay in education or venture out into the unknown.”

Kruger has been working at ACA since it started, 12 years ago in 2007. “I feel so very fortunate to have been part of it from the beginning and to have played so many roles.” said Kruger in her farewell letter.

Kruger played an integral part at ACA.  Just a few of the things she accomplished in her time, with the help of others were: creating forms and processes to simplify the process of High School transcripts, training ESes and teachers on how to use the programs Gradelink and later Synergy, creating the Curriculum Order Forms and Vendor Forms that are still used today, finding OPS, the curriculum ordering system, learning it and creating manuals to help other staff learn how to use it. Kruger says it was very exciting when “…the company [OPS] wanted to use OUR manual for THEIR other customers.” And Kruger helped create the Curriculum Catalog.

Most recently Kruger worked with Downing in the curriculum room as the Curriculum Manager. She helped students and families find the right curriculum for them, processed orders, and so much more.

Kruger has truly had a lasting impact on ACA, she says “So many times as I walked through the ACA hallway, I would see a powerpoint being used that I helped create, a notebook for Events or the Safety Committee that I started and the Nike shoe in the showcase that one of our first graduates designed.” Kruger also says “ I feel so very fortunate to have [had]…the opportunity to create an environment where families can be confident in homeschooling their children.”



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