Your Twin is your best friend

    By Taylor Younger

   In the spring of 2002, on April 15 two babies were born. One girl and one boy. They might have not known it at the moment but they were going to be the best of friends there entire life. But not just best friends… twins.                       

   Being part of a “twin unit” is a unique experience that can play a positive role in the lives of both twins. But can also have a many obstacles as well.

  While out in public fraternal twins might get asked if they are cousins or if they are dating from how close they act around each other (having a close bond). But having a close bond can also lead to very close friendships throughout their childhood and young adult life.

  I am very fortunate enough to have a fraternal twin that I am very close with.  With my twin being the opposite sex, he would never play dolls with me when we were younger. I would have to play legos or video games. Also by me being a tomboy made it easier to bond with my twin.

   While in our young school years they would always keep my twin and Ii in the same class due to the fact we would always stay close by each other. But closer to elementary school years they seperated us so we wouldn’t cause problems due to us having a close bond with each other.

   The fact that twins can often use one another as a comfort object makes the process of ego differentiation quite challenging. Instead of detaching from the mother, learning how to self-sooth, and creating a unitary identity, twins have the capability to use each other as self-soothing objects. Having another person instead of a blanket or a stuffed animal is incredibly comforting for babies and toddlers. Which is a good thing that they seperated my twin and I at a young age.

    The relationship between twins is unlike any other, my twin and i continue to be the bestest of friends, and having a twin is like having a built in best friend.