Why Students Need Vacations

By Victor Heimbigner

Students need vacations from school specifically, it’s good to learn, but the stress of school can get to some kids and they end up not being very social in life or they are always stressed.  With breaks and vacations, this helps relax the students and if they decide to work over the breaks they can make some money for their needs. Vacationing doesn’t necessarily mean going to Disneyland or a cruise; it could be that, but it doesn’t have to be that big of a deal. It could be just going to the beach for a week just to relax.

Students need their vacations and breaks more than anyone because they are mostly teenagers going through school, and that’s a hard time for anybody.  Being a teen personally, I know how I felt when I was fifteen years old. I didn’t want to do anything, but lay in bed all day, except it was my biggest year at school. So, my 9th grade wasn’t a good time of my life.  With this being said, I wish I would have taken as many breaks as I needed and should have been with friends and family more because now that I’m sixteen, I can look back at those times and see what I need to do now.

Giving students more breaks and maybe special vacation days would be beneficial to the student and the teacher.  The teachers are a big part of the students’ life and having better break times and giving teachers vacations, would highly benefit schools progress.  

Let’s say, for example, a student has straight A+’s and they are doing perfect in school, they could most likely bored and have too much time on their hand.  The school could see that and could give them, like a prize, a day or 2 days to have off of school and do whatever they want. The student doesn’t have to accept it, but all the students that want those days off will be working for straight A’s.  I know if I had that opportunity, I would have better grades.

Students need vacations and teenagers need motivated.  I believe that schools should be more fun for students and motivating, giving them the opportunity to work and to socialize.