Steve Dirks Scholarships

DSC_1656.JPGBy, Elizabeth Tarsia

   Two students now have more funds to further their musical education. The awards were announced Friday, May 12th at the end of the music concerts held at Alliance Charter Academy. The first scholarship was awarded to JJ Pen; this scholarship is now known as the Community Award.The next scholarship given out is the Dirks musicianship which is the newest one offered. There is a $300 award given to the winner, the scholarship this year was awarded to Haladar Wright.

   These scholarship originated in honor of Steve Dirks who passed away around 5 years ago. Steve was of visible presence here at Alliance Charter Academy, he was an informal dad for people on campus. The scholarship fund is in honor of the traits he displayed. “Steve was caring, respectful, and responsible,” said Mr Cheskin.

 In past years, students did not need to apply at all to receive the scholarship. The music program heads would decide who got the scholarship by who best displayed the traites Dirks showed; as well as who showed dedication to there music.

 The amounts students in previous years who received this award had been between one to three students, they could use the scholarship money towards their instrument, private lessons, a summer camp, or anything that could potentially help them grow as a musician.

 This year the scholarship was set up differently, there were two recipients and the qualifications were different from previous years. With the community award it is set up the ways it has in the past, there is no application process needed it is decided by the music department. In order to qualify for this scholarship you must fill out an application and is decided based off need and musician promas. This can be used for anything that could further award students education in music.

  The money needed towards funding these scholarships is provided by donations received at concerts and the music department will sometimes donate with funds available.


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