Skaters Are People Too

By Luke Burton, The Charter Opinions

Skateboarding is an activity that lots of people do all around the world. Although many people do it, a lot of people don’t like the activity. Some people say that it’s too dangerous and anyone who skates is involved with drugs, alcohol, and is disrespectful. This is definitely not the case. I know this because I am a skateboarder. I have never been involved with drugs or alcohol, and I am always as respectful as I can be. This also goes with saying that some skaters are disrespectful but usually only when someone is first disrespectful to them. An example is this video clip where this guy is skating on a ledge and then some old guy comes and sits on the bench just to get in the way. The old guy could have gone to any other bench but he went to that one. He then proceeded to trip the skater and almost seriously hurt him by doing so. After all of that the skater hit a bag of chips out of the guys hand, but that’s it. This old man was way more disrespectful than the skater by far. Anyways the point to all of that was, if skateboarders were more widely accepted then stuff like that wouldn’t happen.

People think that skating destroys public property. In actuality the damage seen on ledges and rails are a lot of the time from bikers and rollerbladers. Grinding your skateboard trucks on a ledge or rail almost has no effect until probably over one thousand grinds. Also even after those thousand grinds the only effect is a rounded edge to the ledge. So grinding on a ledge is actually making it safer for people because the is no longer sharp edge.

If you think about it skaters are a minority group. Just like any other minority group we want to be treated equal. People need to remember that skaters are people too, and we have all the same feelings as them. We just want to do what we love. Would you tell someone who loved to do math to not do math, or would you tell someone to not paint if they loved to paint. I hope the answer to that question is no. So why would you tell someone to not skate if they loved to skate.

Josiah Head, a local skater from Oregon City says, “Skating is what gives me joy, without it I wouldn’t be who I am.”

Cyril C Roy Palmer , LA skater and instagram star says, “I skate because it’s a great way to express yourself, and it’s just fun.”

David Lobasyuk, local Portland skater says, “Honestly, I skateboard because it makes me happy. It’s the one thing I feel a sense of belonging to.”

Josh Love, Sponsored skater from portland says, “I skate for different reasons at twenty-seven years old than I did when I was eighteen, or nine. I started because I was curious about riding a moving object with no handlebars. Later, it was to rebel: I despised coaches and wanted a sense of responsibility, that I could learn at my own pace. I found a small crew of outsiders and we pushed each other to be better, to fall harder, to get back up and pretend it didn’t hurt. Now I skate for a sense of freedom. It is my way of leaving my responsibilities behind, and feeling the same sense of creativity, community, and youth that I felt as a child. Through skateboarding I’ve learned that I am happiest when I am pushing my own boundaries. Outside of skating I am constantly searching for new ways to do that as an adult.”

In an ideal world everyone would live in harmony and nobody would have a probably with anyone. Unfortunately in today’s day and age, people like to have conflict over anything they can. People need to remember they are not the only person with feelings and they need to take others into account. All in all people should be more accepting of skaters because we are people too.


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