Senior Prank 2018

By Faith Burton

Although the origin of senior pranks are unknown, we do know that they are prevalent as ever in schools across the globe. In America we call it “Senior Prank”, and Europe and Australia its called “muck-up-day”. In previous years, the pranks have been unruly, and without censorship, these days most schools require that a staff member must be present and all prank activity must be pre-approved beforehand. Although that might ruin the fun of making it a prank, students are still getting away with fantastic pranks! In the years previous, Alliance Charter Academy’s seniors have pulled off many senior pranks; Justin Dille, a 2017 graduate, pulled off one of the most infamous senior pranks ACA has ever had.


The origin of my prank is actually a funny story. Once upon a random Christmas celebration. My Uncle and Father were exchanging stories about retiring employee pranks. After some time, my uncle told a story about an employee at his old work who retired several years before he joined on. Every so often he, or some other employee would come across the picture of a particular old man in some obscure location. In fact, the office used to keep a small wallet photo of him on the memo board to keep the old man’s prank alive every day, only to find later during some remodeling that the retired employee had detached the entire memo board, and completely covered the back and the wall behind it, with hundreds his portraits. It was at this moment that the office realized that this prank was far more vast than anyone could have possibly imagined. It was this story that inspired me to scatter my image across the school. (In fact, there are still a few photos that I haven’t heard anyone mention yet).

It took me all evening and part way into the night prior to the actual prank night, just to cut out the hundreds of yearbook wallet portraits that my idea required. I entered senior prank night with four tall stacks of tightly rubber banded portraits, and a substantial roll of blue painting tape (so as not to damage the walls). Unfortunately, the prank was cut off early, and the pranks were dismantled to the best of the staff’s ability due to some unruly pranksters who disobeyed the guidelines (rightfully so). However I did manage to hide about one and one third stacks that night, and some of the photos did manage to survive the prank-pocalypse. The next day, I arrived at school as early as possible, and continued distributing photos to the best of my ability. I actually managed to make it through another stack of photos before the majority of students came in for the day. It was at this moment that it dawned on me. Although the senior prank was still actively being taken down at the time, I knew that the staff were no match for the overwhelming flood of rambunctious students. And so I began distributing the remaining photos amongst the masses; instilling chaos and mayhem for the rest of the day. I guess that also sums up who was apart of the prank, but to give a definitive answer, The whole school was involved with the prank. (although I must give props to whoever dismantled the clocks and put my face on the hands. That’s some pretty good stuff right there)”

With the school year coming to an end, the quickly evolving question is what will the seniors do this year?


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