School Misconducts

By Faith Burton

Despite news of misconduct seemingly all around, there has been no documented misconduct in ACA’s history, according to it’s administrators.

Lara Fabrycki, ACA’s former Director and Nic Chapin, ACA’s current Director commented on misconducts saying that we’ve not had a misconduct at ACA. Fabrycki said teachers are trained every year on misconducts, but because of technology and how people communicate is changing, schools are changing what communication looks like between teachers and students.

Although our school hasn’t seen a misconduct, it has affected other school districts. According to Oregon Live, Portland school districts are changing the way teachers backgrounds are being purged. A case was opened because of the large amount of unaddressed misconduct cases against Mitch Whitehurst, a former Portland school district teacher of 32 years. “Any time a teacher changes schools or gets a new principal complaints must be purged because such complaints haven’t been vetted through an extensive due process,” the article said. “That happened to Whitehurst more than 10 times while he was entrusted with district students over 32 years”.  

Today in our society, people must walk on eggshells when it comes to what they say and do to other people. There is a domino effect that can trigger a chain reaction, where one’s action can affect another’s whole life. A decade ago, school misconducts were not unheard of, but not very common and acceptance towards others actions were far more tolerable. Today, when one issue surfaces, more are revealed.

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