Possible changes to testing weeks

By, Elizabeth Tarsia

 As you all might have noticed state testing might have seemed shorter from previous years. Well some changes have been made to the tests themselves and to the prep needed for certain subjects. Before this last testing session there were lessons that needed to be taught previous to taking state tests. Those lessons have been taken away and the test consists of less questions.

 According to Barbara Gaines next year is undecided how students will be assigned days/weeks for testing. A possibility is that no matter the grade, students will be place in alphabetical order by last name and will test by name rather than by grade.  It is also undecided whether Alliance Charter Academy will allocate a whole 2 weeks for testing in future years. All of these possible changes are dependant on what the average is for students test scores, and whether or not students were rushing or the tests were not just shorter but simpler.

 There is no for sure changes being made yet, if there is any changes you will be seeing them in action next testing session.


Barbara Gaines, Personal interview, May 10th 2018

Val McCormack, Email interview, May 8th 2018


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