Parkour to ACA

By Victor Heimbigner

Parkour has changed the way students exercise for a while now and many students at ACA have been participating in classes and the open gym.

Matthias Armstrong is a student at ACA that has been doing parkour for two years and has benefitted from it highly, “I do parkour to remain fit and become stronger”-Matthias Armstrong.

Parkour is a highly known sport that requires strength and speed in order to do the flips, handstands and more.  Parkour began in France by late 1980s from Raymond Belle and his son David Belle. David further trained in this skill making it popular in the late 1990s and 2000s.

ACA’s students have acknowledged the benefits and decided to take some parkour classes.  Ben Coleman is a student at ACA who is taking class at Forge Parkour located in Portland.  Coleman has been doing parkour for a year and is doing it for physical fitness and as a hobby.  Coleman is using the classes to later get a C4P credit in PE also.

Christian Hall is another student who is doing parkour, he is not taking classes, but is going to the open gym and training with pointers from others.  Hall does parkour because it is very fun for him, its a good workout and helps his body coordination. Hall likes the way that parkour can change how you move and do seemingly impossible things.  

These few students have been doing parkour for over a year and it’s a risky sport, but they take that risk to have fun.  Armstrong tore a ligament in his leg because he didn’t stretch, Coleman hurt his knee which ended up bleeding a lot and Hall hyperextended his leg.  These students still do parkour even after they got hurt and it motivates them to become better, so that they don’t get hurt. The inspiration for parkour is different for everyone rather its watching youtube or to be stronger, but everybody starts somewhere.  

Beginner tracers (people who do parkour)  need to be inspired when they want to do parkour.  A lot of parkour is inspired by higher tracers and it makes you want to be better, which is always a good thing.  ACA’s students do parkour for their own reasons and it can be done by anybody, all you need is inspired.


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