OBOB 3-5th grade 2018-19

By Victor Heimbigner

OBOB for the ACA will not be the same next year.  What it looks like for the 3-5th grade is undecided and will be determined this summer by the ACA board.  The reason it is undecided is because there is controversy about the book “George”.

  Alex Gino is a author who wrote a book named “George”, a transgender kid at the age of ten years old and feels like a girl.   Many people are against this book because it talks about “Adult Magazines” and adult things and the parents don’t want their kids reading it.

OBOB of 2018 and 2019 will not be the same as this year because of the controversy of the book “George” being an appropriate book for 3-5th graders.  New York times and other newspaper companies have done a story on this topic and explain it more in depth, but ACA is still undecided about how it’s going to affect there OBOB experience.

ACA is looking for a way to be in the competition next year and Mary Coleman is hoping to be leading the 3-5th grade students in next years OBOB if we are not opted out.