By Alyssa DiLoreto- 

Macbeth performers anticipated so much blood and gore that they dedicated the first two rows to a splash zone. The Drama Club performed the Shakespeare play on Friday and Saturday, May 5 and 6.

The play is about a Scottish thane named Macbeth. In the story he meets three witches that tell him a prophecy that he will one day be King of Scotland. The play promised tons of blood and gore, and marked the front two rows as a splash zone.

The Audience of this play had rather good reviews. Many said it was enjoyable and the student actors did a very good job. Most of the people interviewed were the happiest with the star of the show, Isaiah Lee, as Macbeth.

“It was really good!” Says Halie Sofich, “Paul (the drama club director) did a good job directing, and Isaiah was the best!”

There were many other reviews, all saying great things about the play. Next year, the Drama Club will be performing another Shakespeare play, “The Tempest.”