Homework: Is it helping us or hurting us?

By Kenzie Waterman

On average, students get 3.5 hours of homework a day, depending on how much procrastination they do. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot –when you think about the fact that we have 24 hours everyday. But, if you factor in the 7 hour school day, the fact that we are supposed to to get 10 hours of sleep, that only leaves us with 3.5 hours left for free time. Now, half of that free time is spent eating 3 meals and the other half is spent with family and friends. This just isn’t enough time, 48% of our day is spent on school, for 12 years almost half of our day is spent on learning math, science, history, writing, etc. at home and at school. All of this, and some of us will never even use most of it in our everyday life. I understand that getting an education is important, I mean I’m not disagreeing with that but, it shouldn’t take up this much of our time.

Homework isn’t just time consuming for the students either, the teachers have to spend more time grading every single test, paper, and essay.  Teachers work all day teaching and dealing with teenagers, they don’t want to go home and read what they wrote. They want to spend time with their families and do things they enjoy. Okay, some of them might enjoy reading their papers, which is fine. Good for them.

Homework is made to help students understand better and practice what you learned in class, and yes, it does help sometimes or it just makes it worse. Wouldn’t it better to practice what you are learning with the teacher that is teaching it to you rather than you sitting in your room alone or at the kitchen table and not being able to ask questions. That’s what I think. Most Adults don’t remember how to do these things they learned 20-30 years ago –It must not be that important then. Anyway, if they can’t remember how to do algebra or how to write the components of an essay,  how are they supposed to help the kids with that? When kids don’t understand what they are learning they often feel stupid or incompetent and are too embarrassed to ask for help.

When this happens they start to get depressed and spira.  When you get depressed you don’t want to do anything, especially homework. Not doing homework or waiting ‘til the last minute

causes massive anxiety. Homework is hurting students mentally and physically, with the massive amount of homework and books that we have to carry around causes many students back problems.

I think that we should not have homework everyday.  Projects and papers a couple of times a year are okay, but not multiple assignments every day. I think not having a  bunch of homework weighing on students all year would improve their attitudes and make them more receptive to learning.