Gamecube Classic coming to 3DS

By Colin Hughes

Luigi’s Mansion is a Gamecube classic that I’m pretty sure that every Mario fan would find as one of the best Gamecube games ever. It was given a 7/10 by IGN and a 7.9/10 by GameSpot so you can tell it was good. The game has an interesting history, too. Luigi’s Mansion was originally a tech demo for the Gamecube when it was being shown off at E3 2001, but then was made into a full-fledged game. It was also going to be way scarier than it was by the time it was launched.

The plot of the game is Luigi was awarded a mansion from a contest he never even entered. His brother Mario decides to go and take a look at it, but he doesn’t come back. So when Luigi gets to the mansion to look for Mario he finds out it’s haunted and meets up with a scientist named Professor E. Gadd who straps a ghost-capturing vacuum cleaner to Luigi’s back. At this point Luigi finds out it was all just a trap set up by the ghosts, so now he has to do some ghostbusting to rescue Mario.

In a Nintendo Direct video published on March 8th, 2018, it was announced that the Gamecube classic Luigi’s Mansion is being remade on the Nintendo 3DS and is coming out 2018. This seems to make a good number of people mad and I just really don’t know why.

I believe one of the biggest reasons people hate this is because it isn’t coming to the Nintendo Switch. But other than that, I don’t really see what the big problem is. I mean, sure, the 3DS is almost a decade old with outdated graphics, but to be honest, I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

For one thing, in the video, the bottom screen displayed the map of where you were in the mansion. I think that’s a great advantage because in the original it was tedious having to manually pull up your map pretty much every few seconds.

Another point is that it’s coming to the 3DS, and what’s the main gimmick for the 3DS? Stereoscopic 3D gaming! When I played the original game I always found it hard to tell just how far away anything was from the camera because the oddly skewed camera angle really threw off the depth perception. Playing in 3D would really be a help. Besides, the original version was originally going to use 3D too, but obviously, not since it released.

This point may not be that persuasive, but Luigi’s Mansion had a direct sequel on the 3DS since 2013, called Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. To me it would make more sense to have more than one entry of a series on the same system. It just seems a little more convenient.

I don’t think the 3DS remake of Luigi’s Mansion is going to be bad. If anything, probably almost as good as the Gamecube version. The moral of the story is this; be happy to get a remake of a game you love, no matter what the system is.