Director takes new job, Compliance Officer retires

By Kenzie Waterman

As this school year is coming to the end, unfortunately so is some of our staff’s time here.

Vicki Nelson and Nic Chapin are leaving the school and will not be returning next year.

Vicki Nelson is the Compliance Officer at Alliance Charter Academy, since September of 2011. “As Registrar and Compliance Officer, I maintain the staff and student database and am responsible for all state and district reporting to stay in compliance with state regulations. My position also assists with creating the Master Schedule, the course handbook development and student scheduling,” said Nelson.

Nelson is retiring and moving to Hawaii with her husband this summer, this isn’t the first time she has retired though. Nelson retired in 2011 before she started working here, she worked at her old job for 20 years and was offered early retirement which she couldn’t pass up. After a few months she realized she wasn’t ready to not be working, but she knew she didn’t want to go back to full time so she decided to look for a part time job. “It was then that I saw the position posted at ACA for a part time position, so I applied and was hired. ”

Now Nelson is retiring for good to spend more time with her family.


Nic Chapin, Our Schools Director, he has been at this school for 9 years, 2 of which he has been the Director. “As Director I basically oversee the entire program, and so that is in a couple different components. One is helping out with the board. Another one is overseeing the academic side. The other on is overseeing the business side. And there is also the HR piece, some of the inner workings with how we’re unique, so working with some of the parent groups, and kinda just overseeing the entire program as a means for work every single day, and that can look very different day to day and hour to hour.” Said Chapin

Mr. chapin is leaving because he got a job offer that he thought was interesting. “I thought it was a good time for myself, to take that leap,” said Chapin.

Chapin is going to start working at 3 Rivers Charter School in Wilsonville, in a very similar role.

“I’m excited about some of the things we accomplished while I was here, and I always say ‘we’ because it’s definitely just not the Director, it’s the entire team from administration all the way down to our parents  that are also teachers.”

Chapin said that he wants to  help support the transition as much as possible.