Destination: Globals


Alliance Charter Academy’s very own Destination Imagination (DI) team is heading to globals! Advancing to globals is a huge achievement for such a small team and they are looking forward to representing the State of Oregon at the Global competition at the University of Tennessee on May 23rd through May 27th. But going to globals also has a financial toll. That’s why their team is raising funds through bottle drives and sponsorships.  

​From Left to Right: Deon Best age 12, Isaiah Preuitt 12, and Ben Snyder 11


DI is a leading educational nonprofit dedicated to teaching students the skills needed to succeed in school, and their careers. Students participate in project based learning programs that blend STEM education with arts and social entrepreneurship.

Joy Best, ACA’s team manager of the DI team, called TF (The Future) says that they can’t wait to see what globals have in store, “it has been a delight to watch this team choose a challenge, devise a plan on how they were going to accomplish their solution, and then get to work.”

Global Finals is truly a global event where each state, and over 20 countries come together and compete at the highest level.

Mrs. Best explains that in Globals, “their team will have a rare opportunity to interact, share ideas, and learn from other kids from all over the world.”

The DI team continued to work throughout the year to solve their challenges without any adult interference, the team used power tools, drills, nail guns, saws, soldering irons and other tools to complete each challenge that they were presented with. “This team has gained knowledge in chemistry; structural, mechanical, and technical engineering; cooperation and teamwork; budgeting, communication skills, and creative problem-solving.”

Ben Snyder, 6th grader, is a part of the DI team, he explains why he enjoys destination imagination,  “I have really enjoyed brainstorming new ideas to add to our skit with the rest of my team, and performing to the skit has been lots of fun too. “

Destination Imagination gives students tools that they will use for the rest of their lives.

“I feel honored to play a small part in the education, extremely proud of what these young men have already accomplished, inspired by their creativity, and excited to see what happens next in these young men’s lives and BRIGHT futures.”- Joy Best