CPR and AED Training

By Kenzie Waterman

From 9:00 -3:30 on Tuesday, April 17th and Wednesday, April 18th a instructor from the Clackamas Fire Department, District #1 came and taught students how to perform hands only CPR and use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine. The class was for 7th grade and above, Parents and staff were also invited.

The staff here at Alliance Charter Academy have already been trained in this, but a couple went to refresh and practice, so that they were better prepared in case of emergency.

“If someone were ever to be in a situation where they needed CPR, I think it is important to have as much of the general public knowledgeable of what actions to take.” Said PE and Health teacher, Drew Holland.


The class was coordinated by Carla Calhoun, a teacher and ES here. Calhoun is a member of the school safety team, where one of her contacts referred her to Tammy Owen.

“The main reason I wanted to see this training happen is because it can literally save someone’s life! I believe everyone should have this training and this was a great opportunity to offer it to our families. ” Said Calhoun

The instructor that came was, Public Education Specialist,Tammy Owen. Owen was honored by the American Heart Association (AHA) for helping getting the legislation passed that requires all high school students to have completed hands only CPR training before graduating. Owen teaches CPR to 7th graders and up, at schools, meetings (Kiwanis and Rotary etc), places of employment, churches, safety fairs or farmers markets, at the fire station. Owen doesn’t just teach CPR, she also teaches fire safety in the home, fall prevention, bicycle safety, water safety, cooking safety, fireworks safety, swimming/water safety, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.


Tammy did a great job!  She is funny and engaging with the students and she trained more than 85 students while she was here. “ Said Calhoun.


Many teachers took their classes because beginning this year, it is a graduation requirement to attend and participate in the training. Oregon is the 23rd state to require students to learn CPR before graduation. “ I am glad that it is a graduation requirement. The more people that are trained in Hands Only CPR/AED, the better. “ Said Tammy Owen

It was hard, you see CPR in movies and shows and it looks relatively easy but it’s much more difficult in real life.” Said Student, Abigail Engle.


This will happen again next and hopefully for many more. They start announcing it earlier so that more people have the opportunity to go and learn.

“I would absolutely come back to your school and would welcome the opportunity.” Said Owen



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