Come to the Dark Side – CWI Saving Money, One Bulb At a Time.

IMG_1482.JPGBy RYLIE YOUNG – 05/02/18

 Join the dark side and turn off the lights! This year’s Contemporary World Issues class is small with only eight Freshman/Sophomore students, but they are making a difference. The class is trying to promote the use of natural lights within your school. The class believes our school waste an excessive amount of artificial light, and if we relied more on natural light, we would save a lot of money!


 They are trying to lower the amount of money spent on the lights by replacing the lights with more efficient lights and reminding people to turn off the lights when not in use, or when they are not needed.

(Taylor Younger working on a reminder to turn off the lights in classrooms)

“How many times have you walked into a classroom with all the bulbs blaring, when the sun coming through the window is more than enough light?” asks Taylor Younger. To remind people to turn off the lights, the class will some be putting up reminders in every room in the school, excluding bathrooms.


 The plan for more efficient lighting is: as the current fluorescent lights burn out, they will be replaced with new T8, 19wh, LED light bulbs that will last about 15 years each. Although the upfront cost will be about $192 more, eventually they will pay off with money and usage.


 “The objective of this plan is to reduce the amount of electricity Alliance Charter Academy uses on lighting by 50 kWh/month by May 31, 2019… During the past 12 months, ACA has spent a total of $9,816 on electricity. The reduction in the monthly electric bill will allow ACA to save money its utilities, which in turn would benefit both students and staff allowing for the funds to be put towards other projects and activities.” says Abigail Birdsley, the inventor of this plan.



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