Alliance Charter Academy’s 2018 Graduation Ceremony

By Luke Burton, The Charter News

As our seniors move on to bigger and better things we come together to celebrate at graduation. This year, graduation is at Jackson Campus on June 2nd, at 6:00pm. During the graduation ceremony the graduates have each asked a teacher or parent to hand them their diploma and give up to a one minute speech. These speeches usually include how proud of the graduate the teacher or parent are, and possible where the graduate is going next. The ceremony typically runs about two hours, though this can vary on the number of graduates, and if people run long on their speeches. Each graduate also has a graduation slideshow they have put together. These slideshows are ten slides long, and can include pictures from when they were little babies, through their childhood, up until now.

Faith Burton says “I am nervous to graduate, but excited for what the future holds. I am very grateful for ACA and all that i’ve accomplished in the twelve years i’ve been here.” Graduation is always a great time as we reminisce on the past and look forward to the future. Be sure to join us as we celebrate our seniors and all of their accomplishments throughout their high school career.


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