Story about our Best

By Taylor Younger, The Charter Features

Joy Best is one of our math teachers here at Alliance Charter Academy, she teaches geometry classes as well as several others. Mrs. Best also teaches math concepts at warner pacific college.

          Mrs. Best was not sure what she wanted to do as a career. All throughout her elementary and high school years she believed she would be a professional basketball player. That quickly changed when she got pregnant with her first child during her sophomore year in college, where she attended warner pacific. She then had to find a new life plan. Mrs. Best has always been good in mathematics, so she decided to be a math teacher! While she was looking for a program to fit her needs, she noticed that Warner Pacific College did not have the option for her to get a math degree. She then went to the head mathematics teacher at warner and asked her why they didn’t have a program for teaching math.  The head mathematics teacher then went to the school board and got Mrs. Best her very own mathematics teaching program. She then spent the next 3 years studying secondary math education. Mrs. Best then graduated in 2004 where she majored in secondary math education and music business, and minored in education.


   Teaching math isn’t the only subject Mrs. Best teaches here. She also teaches both middle and high school basketball classes here at
ACA. She has been playing basketball since third grade. Joy now has three kids who all play basketball competitively. But Mrs. Best isn’t only good at basketball and mathematics. She has a exceeding talent for singing. Joy has took a total of two years of choir her entire life. She would try to imitate different vocal ranges and other methods of singing from people around her and artist she would here on the radio.


   In 2006 is when Joy first started teaching but, Mrs. Best has now been teaching  for four amazing years at ACA, and she loves the mathematical growth she has seen here since she started teaching at Alliance Charter Academy. She says “it took a long time for the kids to do their school work when I first started teaching at ACA, and now everyone is doing tremendously better.”





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