Behind the scenes of Mrs. Heppner

Mrs. Heppner is beloved by teachers and students alike. She travels around the world to judge gymnastic events, and has many admirers from the many years of teaching she has accomplished at Alliance Charter Academy (ACA). Mrs. Heppner has been a role model for every student at ACA and has impacted every one of her students,

“She remembers and cares about her students. She’s a fabulous woman” says Anna Krieske, past student of Mrs. Heppner’s.

Mrs. Heppner is always saying “hi” to passing students in the halls and if you walk into one of her classes you will see how she is always passionate about the subject and happy to teach it.

“She’s a really good teacher and I like her classes. She’s always great if you need help on something,” states Piper Stephens.

Mrs. Heppner is someone that you automatically want to be friends with, and is more than happy to help you with homework.

Mrs. Heppner has always been teaching. She started her teaching career with teaching gymnastics in college. Then she home schooled her kids. After homeschooling her kids she went to work at Basic Skills for roughly eight to ten years and then lastly she went and taught at ACA and still is teaching at ACA for the past eleven years. Mrs. Heppner states that the reason why she became a teacher is because it “feeds her soul”   

Mrs. Heppner lives on a small farm far away from ACA, and it’s a commitment for her to come to ACA everyday, but she explains that students at ACA are what keeps her here. “ACA has a whole different group of students,” she explains, “They are kind, and they say thank you when they leave the class. Students at ACA have a different focus, they understand that they are in charge of their education”



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