Voting On ACA’s New Logo

By Samantha Rands

The school is getting a new logo. Nic Chapin, The Executive Director of ACA, sent out a survey to all the high school and middle school students, parents, and teachers. The survey had different logo options to vote on from “first choice” to “fourth choice.”

“We [the school’s Admin] want a logo…you’ll be proud of,” says Danelle Till, the School’s Business Manager.

The logos were designed by Rod Sawatsky, a parent at ACA. Sawatsky is the Senior Designer at the Portland marketing company Pivot Group.

The first step is picking a logo design without color. Once they get the survey results they will add color and have the final project. Till says she doesn’t know when the logo will be released. The survey was open through spring break.  


Till, Danelle. Personal Interview. Mar 21, 2018. Accessed Mar 22, 2018.