Science and Technology offerings at ACA in 2018-2019  

By Elizabeth Tarsia

   Here at Alliance Charter Academy we offer many classes and among those many classes are our unique Science and Technology offerings. Though not all the classes are guaranteed to be offered next year all the teachers have a wide range of spectacular possible offerings.

 In our Science department we have Margo Edinger, Ann Heppner, Denise Monte, Drew Holland, and Michael Lancaster. In our Technology department we have Scott Ginn, Jonathan Cheskin, and Michael Lancaster.

 You wouldn’t think the process of getting a schedule for next year would take that long right?  Wrong. The total time the schedule takes to put together for the following year basically takes a whole year to map.


  When you become a high schooler you might get frustrated when you find out that we do not offer Chemistry. If ACA could offer chemistry we would, but we don’t have the space or safety needs that are required for a chem lab, according to Director Nic Chapin. In the future ACA does not see itself expanding to do it offering personal independant learning and the bigger the school the more likely it is to lose the aspects that make ACA how it

  Science teacher Margo Edinger has been here for twelve years, since our school started. Margo is excited for Astrobiology being taught for two years in a row. Our science classes here are normally on a rotation so that there is a little variety and not just the same classes. Margo and the whole science department try to have variety on the classes that are going to be offered. Teachers are given the summer to prepare for there chosen clases. Their are only two science classes that are offered to 1st and 2nd graders. The science department is hoping to have an Intro to Chemistry that will be offered to grades 6th-8th. One of the downfall to our science department is how limited the space is. Currently we have four teachers in one room. Most of the science teachers mentioned that they have a limited amount of space which makes being properly organized hard.

   It has been a total of 3 years since we lost our chemistry program and Chem teacher Michelle Hurrman. Our science program would love to have a chem class and the equipment for it. The program is the largest it has ever been.

 These classes are not guaranteed but are what teachers would like to be teaching next year in the Science department. Light and Sound offered to 1st and 2nd grade, Forces and Motion 3-4th grade, Matter and Energy 5-6th grade, Intro to Chem 6-8th grade, Earth Science 6-8th grade,Life Science 6-8th grade, Natural Hazards 9-12th grade, Astro Biology (entry level) 9-12th grade, Biology 9-12th grade.



“Future technology classes offered in the school year 2018/2019 are relatively similar to the classes offered in the year 2017/2018; there are no major changes,” said Director Nic Chapin.

 Scott Ginn our main Technology teacher was hired summer of 2016 as a Technology teacher. The classes that he is teaching this year are Photoshop, Maker lab, Stop-Motion Animation, Video Production, and Lego Simple Machines. Certain students in said classes stand out to Mr Ginn and he could see them furthering their skill set beyond his class.

 “Some things that stick out about our technology program are the awesome students! I am inspired by their creations,” said Scott Ginn.