Physical Education/ Health of 2018-2019 classes


Physical Education is wanted by most students and is required to graduate.  P.E. is a great way to get your body in shape or if you just want to be healthier exercising helps too.  Our teachers at ACA do there best to help out each student in fulfilling their goal. The teachers are getting many ideas for next years classes and are working on the schedules to have as much resources as needed.  

Mr. Drew Holland will be teaching more science classes next year than he is this year and will try to teach his regular highschool, middle and elementary school PE classes and will be backed up by his fellow PE teachers for extra classes.  “My goal is for students to feel excited about coming to class, and hopefully take that excitement and apply it to physical activity outside of class.”- Mr. Holland.

Mr. Holland took the head of PE title when he was a substitute teacher for the recent teacher and he decided to start teaching PE instead of being a sub or having to find a new teacher.  Mr. Holland loves Physical education and has enjoyed taking this job, he has also got lots of help from other teachers who have assisted him in all his classes.

Todd Ingham is a teacher at ACA who is planning on instructing all ages of students and parents in a yoga class of 2018-2019.  Mr. Ingham is currently teaching a younger PE class and a painting class.

Margie Phillips is a very exciting teacher and “might be teaching the MS PE 11:00 Thursdays that I am doing this year.  It depends upon Drew Holland’s schedule — he’s the primary PE teacher, and the rest of us fill in when he is unavailable.  He got sucked into teaching science and being an ES this year, so that cut back on his PE availability, and that’s how I was pulled in to teach the one class.  I liked the middle school class this year and would enjoy teaching it again! I’m not sure if I would be good at elementary or high school level, though… I’d have to learn a bit more about teaching PE first.

I am not trained to be a PE teacher so I don’t have much expertise. However, I am an exercise and sports enthusiast.  I have always loved Pin Dodgeball, Soccer 4-Square, volleyball, badminton, kickball, capture the flag, frisbee golf, and all such games.  I’ve done quite a bit of rock climbing and mountaineering in my life. I love to hike and backpack, though recently I like trail running more than backpacking — going light and mobile. I ski and snowboard occasionally, love swimming, pickle ball, and goofing around on playground equipment.

I’ve run ½ marathons and am training for an 18-mile trail run along the McKenzie River in April.  I’m worried I might not finish the race, but the organizers said I could drop out part way if needed.  I stay active, but I’m not good at hard-core training like marathon runners; that’s a problem in this case!  I’ve played soccer my whole life. I am a Timbers fan and follow Major League Soccer. I have always played recreationally, indoors and outdoors.

My philosophy for teaching PE is that I want every student to get and feel stronger and more powerful in their bodies.  I want them to feel good and alive, like they can do things, like they are powerful, capable people. I want them to feel healthy and to get their hearts pumping.  I want them to get kind of addicted to the after-rush of working out, like “Hey, I pushed myself, and it turns out that felt good!” So, we do about 15-20 minutes of aerobic and strength exercises at the start of every class, timing our push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, planks, knee-taps, mountain climbers, ski jumps, etc.  Then, we play games and work on ball skills for the rest of class. We mix in rope climbing and handstands and weird stuff. I like to make up crazy games every once in a while, things that seem like adventures or video games. I have a cousin who is really good at that kind of thing, and I learned it from him.

I love working with your kids!  They are awesome, and it’s a total treat to spend time with them.  I am amazed at what great people I am paid to teach — it’s a dream job.  Parents have done a WONDERFUL job raising kids who have terrific manners and care about their education.  ACA kids are fantastic. We are in the process of ordering more basic things like basketballs, soccer balls, dodgeballs, etc.  We are looking into building a climbing wall — just bouldering, but still an awesome thought. I would like to take people on field trips — boogie boarding at the beach, skiing/snowboarding, sledding, roller skating, etc.  The PE department talked about adding a trapeze, a high jump bar, a balance beam, and some other cool stuff to provide variety and challenge. I need to commit time over spring break to adding up costs to see what we can afford.  We probably can’t buy a swimming pool or a roller rink or build a fake ski hill, but it all sounds fun to me. I would like to make a zip line… too much fun falls in the category of PE! But legal stuff and paperwork partner with the more extreme things.”

Ms. Phillips explained a lot of the Physical education and as she said before, Drew Holland is the head of the P.E. department and all the other PE teachers are filling in his spots that he can’t do.

ACA’s PE department is very popular and remained the same for multiple years, Mr. Holland has been planning and been researching for the next year of school and is excited for the classes and students to join his and the other teachers in their Physical education classes.