PAT Fundraisers


The PAT puts on many fundraisers to support ACA, for example the rummage sale, plant sale, and the Snack Shack.

The next upcoming fundraiser is the biannual rummage sale. On Friday, April 27 and Saturday April 28, from 8:00am-4:00pm, the rummage sale will be held in the cafeteria. Families of ACA have donated their old items (furniture, clothes, etc.) to be sold.

We have already started receiving some great donations!” says Shamron Cook, the coordinator of the rummage sale.

Chantell Bunker, the PAT President, says they might add along a bake sale to the rummage sale. It all depends if they can get families to donate baked goods.


The upcoming plant sale is another PAT fundraiser. It’s an opportunity to buy vegetable, flower, and herb plants through the school. The plants come from the New Leaf Greenhouse Nursery. Just fill out the order form and pick them up at ACA on May 9-10. A cut of the profit goes to ACA.


A lot of the Profit made from the PAT comes from the Snack Shack. The Snack Shack sells lunch everyday from 12:00pm-12:30pm, with the new extension this year, they are also serving breakfast at 8:30am-9:15am. Selling breakfast alone makes around $60-80 a week.

“[It’s going] Pretty well, hungry people keep returning every day! The Costco muffins are a big hit at breakfast,” says Erika Stewart, who has been in the PAT for two years and is incharge of the Snack Shack.

As of February 26, 2018, the PAT has raised $16,897, making the net profit of $7,457.

“Since the beginning of the school year the money has gone towards buying a marimba, covering cleaning and maintenance expenses and various supplies including school events (dance, spooky night, etc), as well as purchasing  recognition gift cards,” says Fred Shulikov, the PAT Treasurer.

Last year’s PAT fundraisers raised money for the chromebooks, projectors, the outdoor garden, and marimbas. The Chromebooks are used by the students if they need a laptop to do work in school. The new projectors hanging from the ceiling allow the teachers to teach without getting in the way with the projector cart. The outdoor garden is being used by classes planting seeds. And the marimbas are for the new marimba club taught by Margie Phillips.

The PAT is incharge of where the funds from the fundraisers go, but at the end of the year the leftover funds go to the School Project fund. The school doesn’t know for sure where the funds will towards this year; Danielle Till, The Business manager at ACA, says the funds might go towards remodeling the upstairs boys bathroom.


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Mrs Edinger with her 1st and 2nd grade class, Animals and Plants using the school garden. On March 19 they planted bean plants. The school garden was built using PAT funds.


Chantall Bunker (left,) Erika Stewart (middle,) and Carla Calhoun (right) in the PAT meeting on March 19. In the admin room they discussed future fundraisers.


Side story




The PAT (Parent Action Team) is made up of parents of ACA students. Chantell Bunker is the current President of the PAT. Fred Shulikov is the Treasurer, he has been in the PAT for a year. Linda Eels is the Volunteer Coordinator. Bunker said the only changes in the PAT next year will hopefully have more members. “Other than a new president and treasurer, we are a much smaller team because we haven’t had a secretary or vice President this year. I’m hoping to have those positions filled next year.”