Men are in Support of a New Men’s Bathroom


A new men’s bathroom may be heading your way! With small urinals and tiny  stalls, the men’s bathroom is in dire need of remodeling.

Nic Chapin is the one behind the idea of remodeling the bathroom saying, “It’s a bathroom meant for elementary students, and high school students are using it. It’s like 50-70 years old. It definitely needs a remodel.”

Students at ACA are also in support of getting a remodel, with one saying that the men’s bathroom needs more privacy and another student saying that the men’s bathrooms are ugly and old fashioned.

With the large amount of men in support of a new bathroom, will it actually happen?

Well, maybe. Nic Chapin states that “procuring the money for the project” might be the hard part. He says, “first we need to know the scale of the remodel, and then we can determine whether this remodel is doable.”

Danelle Til, who is the finance director of ACA, explains that the funds for the bathroom will probably be coming from the PAT budget, but when asked about the PAT funds funding the project, Nic Chapin states that nothing is definite.  

Will ACA get a re-modeled men’s bathroom? Probably, with the overwhelming support from staff, students, and parents for the idea,  ACA will most likely see a re modeled men’s bathroom in the near future. The only question left is: how soon?