Megan Coggins’ Return Plan



Megan Coggins our school counselor and teacher of the Becoming Me class just had her baby, Samuel James Coggins (Sammy). She has been on maternity leave since March 12th and will be gone the remnant of the school year. Coggins’ plan, while she’s gone, is to spend some time with her family and new baby.

Before Coggins left she spoke with her  students she saw regularly and explained that they can find someone they trust, like an ES, teacher, etc, if they need to talk.

“Students have the option of talking with their ESes, if they need support or want to talk,” said Megan Coggins, “My office is also available if students would like a place to speak with a staff member and take a break. A staff member needs to be present if a student would like to use my office though.” Students can also email her at, but she may not reply right away due to her being very busy with her new baby.

Several students were wondering if there would be a substitute counselor for the remaining amount of the school year. According to our head director, Nic Chapin there will not be.

“For the student support side there’s not. It’s really hard to get a sub in that position for what is essentially 2 months and the hardest part about it is a new person coming in just wouldn’t know our kids, our students. So, it would take awhile for them to be able to know them, know what some of their challenges are, them trying to intervene, the timeline didn’t really match up.”

Coggins is planning on returning next fall and continuing to work more with students.