Luke the Ballerino Is Going Cleveland? Support him in this journey!

News Story by Faith Burton
In 2018, as one of the few male dancers at Classical Ballet Academy, opportunities arise frequently. On January 20 2018, Luke went to Seattle with his friend and CBA ballet dancer Natazia Head, to audition for Utah’s distinguished ballet school, Ballet West. A few weeks later, Luke was accepted into ArtEmotion, an extension of Ballet West, and asked to come to Cleveland Ohio to take their two-week Pre-Professional Summer Intensive Program.

Although he was accepted into ArtEmotion, unfortunately doesn’t mean it’s free. Financially, Luke is currently halfway to his goal of approximately $2,500. This includes airfare, food, housing and everything he’ll need for the two weeks he’s in Ohio.

Luke is in his second year at the pristine ballet school Classical Ballet Academy (CBA). As previously reported, in 2016, Luke was invited by Natazia to join her at CBA. Slightly weary about the prospects ahead of him, Luke decided to jump at the opportunity, “I had no idea what it was going to be like, I just decided to try it and I liked it, even though it was hard,” said Luke.

When asked about Luke’s opportunity to go to Ohio, Luke’s parents said “We absolutely support him, it will be a great growing and learning experience. It’s going to teach him independence, self confidence, self discipline and exposure to different dance cultures of the school. It will give him life enrichment, through experience and create great new memories.”

To support Luke financially by emailing him at or by going to his GoFundMe link at and you can donate there.