Get your yearbook!

By Taylor Younger

  Did you know ACA has a yearbook? Our yearbooks range from twenty three dollars to thirty dollars. When you purchase your yearbooks there are two blank pages for you to design your very own pages to keep those school memories forever.

             Mr. Lancaster’s class of only a dozen students spend all school year long developing the yearbook. Students from this class spend the first semester taking photos of various classes, learning how to edit their own pictures and learning basic photography skills. These students also get to choose which photos get put into the yearbook and which don’t based off of their section editors’ choice. The section editor is in charge of their own section team. The teams are focused on classes such as math, science, music, ect.  

          Close to the second semester is when they start to actually develop the yearbook and start designing pages. The Yearbook class uses the digital publisher and website called TreeRing. Even at the beginning of summer break when everyone is enjoying their summer vacation certain yearbook students come into school to put the final touches on the book to be printed and sent off.  Senior Faith Burton said “ creating a yearbook truly is a team effort. I enjoy the community and work that the class puts into making and designing the yearbook.”

    To order our school’s yearbook go to and use the activation code (1014436507022346) and follow the steps. Yearbooks can be ordered anytime, but the customizable pages has to be ordered and complete by June 21. Books will be delivered to ACA in early August.  


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