Clubs and Electives


Electives and Clubs are heading your way for the 2018-2019 Alliance Charter Academy school year. Fun and interesting classes make school a little more bearable. Not only will there be fun classes like cooking and drama, but these electives and clubs will prove to be an influential part in developing the new class schedule for ACA.    

Clubs and electives are a great way to learn new skills and create new friendships and will undoubtedly teach you something that is fun but also very important. You can also earn credit!

There are two categories of clubs: curricular clubs and non curricular clubs. Non curricular clubs are usually run by students and are free, like the Christian Students United club and Gay Straight Alliance/Gender and Sexuality Awareness club. Curricular clubs have a fee and are run by Vendors, staff and/or parents. Vendors are not teachers, but they are paid to teach a certain subject like drama.

Electives are different than clubs because they are needed to graduate high school, but they are not core classes like math; they are usually lighter subjects like art. Electives are usually taught by actual teachers.

Electives and Clubs wouldn’t be possible without the people that run them. It requires an energetic, caring person that is passionate about teaching to be able to teach a club or an elective class.

Carla Calhoun who teaches the elective, Financial Literacy, explains that she loves teaching, she loves the challenge and excitement of being in a classroom. She explains why she teaches this class.

“Financial Literacy is a passion of mine, because I think it is one of the most important classes that anyone can take.”

Despite having a passion for financial literacy, Carla Calhoun will be handing this class over to Val McCormack for the 2018-2019 school year.

ACA also offers cooking! It is an elective class that is taught by Val McCormack that allows you to earn credit while learning how to cook a variety of foods.

Students and parents like clubs and electives because it allows them to fill in their open slots of time in their schedule with something enjoyable.

Marshal Griffiths explains why he’s a part of the basketball club by saying,

“Basketball club teaches me teamwork and allows me to build life skills.”

Financial Literacy, Cooking, and basketball are only a handful of clubs and electives that are available at ACA, and with the next school year right around the corner, these and tons more will be available so take a look at the schedule for the 2018-2019 school year and start planning!