Any music changes?     

By Taylor Younger

   Mr. Cheskin can’t tell us what classes are going to be offered next school year or tell us the changes to the music schedule, he can tell us that most of the classes are going to stay the same.  “ There will be changes to the music class schedule next year, but i can’t talk about them just yet because i don’t know what classes are going to make it on the schedule.” Said Mr. Cheskin.

      Mr. Beck has plans to get rid of ukulele jr. and to add two guitar one classes to open up the opportunity for more people to join guitar.

         A lot of you might be wondering how the music teachers get their song selections… well   Mr. Beck’s music selection involves the participants of the class to suggest songs to play so they are excited to be in the class and to practice their songs at home. For most of Mr. Becks older, more harder classes such as guitar two. He picks which songs to play just so he has the appropriate song level for the class.

            The concerts for most of the guitar and strings classes where being held at jackson campus last year but due to the fact that there was no heating in that part of the building the music staff decided to change the location of the concerts to our very own ACA gym (which has somewhat of heating). Our music department staff do have plans to keep the band concerts in the same location as last year.

PianoIII20180410Nicole0649             Our choir concerts however are not held at Alliance charter academy, but at Unitarian Universalist church building downtown oregon city. Choir director Margie Phillips changed the choir concert location within the first couple of years of her teaching at ACA. Mrs. Phillips wanted to find a building with anof seating to fit everyone to attend… and enough space for all of her students to perform.

          Margie is not sure how the classes will end up next year.  But is considering cutting Choir JR to only one day a week. She says “It is a tricky class to figure out, because i want the kids to have about 40 minutes a week, but it’s hard to find a time when the room is available for them… some people with little kids like only one day a week, because of homeschooling other days”.

   Our music classes are the most offered classes out of any other subject. And have two dedicated rooms for our music electives (which is more than any other subject).

    While there are changes each year, next year’s changes appear to be relatively minor. For example, all staff plan to return, they plan to teach basically the same courses and electives, and the concerts will be held in the same locations.

     Our music staff this year encourage everyone at ACA to come and join the music program! They all would love to get the opportunity to help and  everyone with their music skills.