ACA’s new CCE program

News Story by, Elizabeth Tarsia 

Starting next year our school is offering a program called the College Career Exploration Program. Rather than applying for the ACE program, there is kind of a stepping stone opportunity. If you are not ready for the whole college experience then the CCE program is the right fit for you!

The CCE program is not set up the way the ACE program is where there is a limit on amount of seats available. This new program’s objective is to serve high school students who would benefit from college courses offered at the community college while still being enrolled as a high school student. It is offered to 10th-12th graders, and gives  college credits. Students are able to go to go to any community college in Oregon.

Student’s responsibilities are to maintain a C or better, maintain exemplary attendance and behavior, and communicate process in your class directly to your ES on a weekly basis.

When registering for classes the student is responsible for going to the college and registering for a student account.

“I know from my ES group, that students seem to be glad they can apply to take college courses-without the commitment of the ACE program…I’ve given all my high school students applications, I don’t know how many will get submitted on time!” says Educational Specialist Kathleen Mixer-Cantrell

According to the CCE handbook the program permits students to take one class per term as part of the program. The first course will be paid through student allotment. The second and third class will be paid through CCE funds up to $427 per class. Funds do not run over to the next term, and books are not covered under CCE funds. You may use ACA allotment for it.

Have students talk to their Educational Specialist if interested, and they will give the form needed to be in this program. You must submit this form by April 6th to apply for early approval for fall term. Sign ups continue into early September.


Kathleen Mixer-Cantrell, March 19th, Email.

CCE student Handbook