ACA’s France and Spain Trip as led by Chad Wynne

By Alyssa DiLoreto

ACA has decided to take a group of students to France and Spain, on June 14, 2019. Students will be traveling through Paris, Provence, and Barcelona, led by social studies teacher Chad Wynne. He is very excited to be taking the students on this trip, saying that foreign countries are very interesting to see, “We will just being seeing all the sights. The art, the food, the history, the people. Even going to the grocery store in a foreign country is awesome.” Chad Wynne will advise students to sign up very soon, before the prices go up. The price is currently $3,900 but will go up to $4,100 this April (Adults are $500 more.). So far, there are only three students that are signed up. Make sure sign up now while there are still spaces open! It will be an awesome opportunity for anyone wanting to see the world! Sign up, and learn more about the France and Spain tour at: