ACA Hosting an Art Showcase and Family Dinner in the Gym, plus Live Music

By RYLIE YOUNG – 03/23/18

This year, to view and applaud all the efforts of students, ACA is hosting a showcase night for students to show off the art they have made in their classes throughout the school year.

Tara McLaughlin and her daughter Aila are organizing the Art Night so you can share your favorite pieces of art on Thursday, April 12th in the Gym at 4 o’clock. Tara and Aila are also working with the Music Department to feature musical groups.

According to the poster, the art you share doesn’t have to be your own, it could be done by another artist or an original, it can be any medium or style. “If you love it, it’s worth sharing.” is the tagline.

 There is a family dinner  provided by the staff at 5:00 pm and completely free. Carla Calhoun says they are trying a “Chili Cook-Off” and the chili will be judged by the PAT (Parent Action Team) officers, although everyone can try it, and a winner will be declared that evening.

All families are welcome and all art is welcome to join the Art Night on April 12th, “It should be a super fun evening!” says Carla Calhoun.


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