ACA Admin team makes next year’s schedule


The process of making a master schedule and a course catalog for a school is a huge project. Here are some of the people who worked behind the scenes at ACA and all about how hard they work and how much they care about meeting the needs of their students.

Director Nic Chapin says he’s excited about when their teachers teach courses that they absolutely love teaching and do a great job with. He says the course catalogs are a work in progress. He also says that, for the curriculum, they’re doing a great job finding the right way to educate kids of all kinds and make sure they get good grades.

He also says that what it takes to create a master schedule is to hear out any new class proposals that teachers have and decide whether or not it fits. Then they start to build from scratch. They try to offer as many electives as they can, but also consider their budget, the amount of available hours, etc. They also can’t put in courses that either result in serious injury or don’t fit in with their curriculum in some way. Recommendation and revisal is necessary, though, and they will have to constantly adjust the schedule in the process, which takes a long time.

Mrs. Kindler-Gaines, Associate Director, says she likes how the curriculum at ACA is set up; families have the freedom to choose what classes to take, and to take classes that build up the students’ strengths. She thinks that the amount of classes available is a great way to help the student learn better. They have a wide variety of courses. The way she put it was great; “…we are always looking to have the right mix of classes for students of all ages and we are also excited when our teachers propose new courses that we are all able to offer our students so they may be able to learn something new.”

Sultana Johansen, the office manager, says she doesn’t know a whole lot about next year’s classes, but when the course catalogs for next year are finished they’ll have clear descriptions about the courses available. She doesn’t know a lot about the curriculum, either, but she does know that they work hard to find the right education for their students.

Mrs. Nelson is the compliance officer and says they are just getting started to go through the proposals for new courses. She also says that the course catalogs will be completed after they look at the proposals made by the teachers, and once they get enough information they will have them completed.