Drama Junior Performs “The Jungle Book”

Olivia Silbernagel

The Charter News

Students and parents alike gathered in the ACA gym to follow Mowgli’s story and learn about the bear necessities of life. Drama Junior’s rendition of The Jungle Book was performed on February 2 and 3 as well as a lunchtime preview on February 1.

Prior to the performance Tap I and II classes performed a routine set to “I Wanna Be Like You” choreographed by Erin Holman. Sets, lobby decorations, lights, and some costumes were done by the Stagecraft class. Deborah Brenner, who teaches the Stagecraft class as well as assisting in the Drama Jr. class says they “do whatever needs to be done.” Sabrina Stewart, a sixth grade student at ACA, said that her favorite part was making the sets, “Making the props was fun.”

Demetrius Swalwell, who played Baloo said that his favorite part of the class was “the friends you can make…I don’t think there’s a person in this class I don’t like.” Sophia Leptich, who played a Silly Monkey and a Jungle Lotus in the play said that her favorite part of the experience was getting to dance, “I love dancing!”

In addition to concessions, which included cookies and cupcakes themed around the play, wall hangings were sold for twenty-five dollars each. The wall hangings were patterns themed around the jungle book and included imagines of tigers and bamboo.

Weston LeClaire and Sofia Caselli shared the roll Mowgli. Balgheera was played by Makenna Gilbert, Baloo by Demetrius Swalwell, Kaa by Kylee Bunker, and Shere Khan by Greyson Neumayer.

Drama Junior plans to perform Mary Poppins next year.

For video of select songs from the performance see youtube video


Brenner, Deborah. Personal interview. Feb 14, 2018

Leptich, Sophia. Personal interview. Feb 2, 2018

Stewart, Sabrina. Personal interview. Feb 2, 2018

Swalwell,  Demetrius. Personal interview. Feb 2, 2018

Personal Observations. Feb 2, 2018

Program for Disney’s The Jungle Book at Alliance Charter Academy, 2018