Christian Students United

By: Rylie Young

Christian Students United, or CSU, is a club here at our school that meet on Tuesdays during lunch. They talk, pray, and eat pizza.

Sixteen year-old Judah Sovereign and CSU leader says, “The point of it is to get new students, old students, all sorts of students just to come and kind of get some food for thought for the week for their day, to give encouragement, and help them learn about the Bible.”

“My vision was to really expand the school and make it kind of a, you know, a like minded school in the sense that, you know, you can walk through the halls and see somebody that you might not have met before and go ‘Oh! I’ve seen that kid at CSU, and I think they’re a believer. I think they have like minded views so let’s go talk to them!’” Says Judah, “So, I think my goal is really to spread the love.”

Although, some don’t feel like the group is quite meeting that goal. “I know of some people who don’t attend anymore because their religion was being brought up and bashed.” says Elizabeth Tarsia. Tarsia advocates for people that believe the group could benefit from a leader of more authority because young students are easily distracted. When the group was accused of being easily distracted they said “We definitely are.” but they don’t seem to be very phased because they all said that it didn’t bother them much.

CSU also provides free pizza to everyone who attends. The funds they get for pizza is from City Bible Church, who wanted their attendees to minister in schools to kids who may not be able to learn elsewhere.

“The first time that I went to CSU, Sydney was there. She kinda kept them all on track, and that was good because she was basically the leader and then she showed Judah how to do what she was doing. But then after Sydney left, it just kind of became pizza day again.” says William Poindexter. Elizabeth also agrees, she says “I don’t like the turn that the group has taken, it was being broadcasted that there would be “Free Pizza” which I feel started as an innocent statement a couple years ago but is now a popularity stunt that I will not play a part in.”

The people that are still attending CSU say that the pizza is just a plus, but they really just love coming and connecting with their peers. “I like CSU because I get to hang out with people that have similar interest to mine and talk about Jesus and spreading his word with people my age, it’s nice to hear other people’s thoughts that aren’t my pastors or parents,” says Chloe Lute “Ooh plus I like pizza.” Christian Hall and Benjamin Coleman say they like the community aspect of CSU.



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