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Do you like your photo?  Many students do not like their photo, some say it’s because of what they’re wearing, others say that there is something just wrong about their picture, some kids don’t get their picture taken in the first place.  Some students do retakes and then they like their picture, but they just didn’t like their first one. One student said recently that the older we get the more we don’t necessarily like our photo. This could be true because when we are young we don’t care about our photo, but as we age we start caring.

One person who has seen many at ACA get older for the past nine years, is Jennifer Ferguson. Ferguson is ACA’s photographer and she’s been doing ACA’s photos for nine years.

“I was a hobbyist in photography for a long time before becoming a business. I loved it so much that I decided to take it further by enrolling in classes, seminars, tutorials and extensive online research in business and art to become a professional photographer.”, said Ferguson.  

When asked whether she does any kind of editing, she responded with, ”I don’t go crazy on editing. I like to get it right the first time in camera.”  

She doesn’t do much editing with the photos, so if you are not pleased with your photo you don’t like your face.

Mrs. Ferguson keeps the photos as natural as possible. As far as feedback, she says,  “I haven’t received much feedback on my editing style. One thing very important to keep in mind when editing is not to remove/change anything unless a client requests it.”

Is it normal to not like your photo? “Yes, of course it’s normal because we are our worst critics. People see us differently than we see ourselves.”

Mrs. Ferguson takes photos for other schools also.  “I have many school accounts that I get the pleasure of working with!”

Mrs. Ferguson has taken ACA’s photos for a long time so it’s not like she’s bad at it, maybe it was the lighting you didn’t like or what you was wearing, but she doesn’t even do any kind of big edits and she is open to changes.

Students may not like their photo because of the lighting or the shirt they wore, this can be changed in retakes or talking to Mrs. Ferguson about it.


Jennifer Ferguson, Email Interview, 1/22/18

Photo of Jennifer Ferguson, 1/31/18

By Victor Heimbigner