Yoga With Teacher Todd

By Victor Heimbigner

Have you ever done Yoga before? If you would like to, we have a Yoga class here at Alliance Charter Academy. Todd Ingham, a teacher who teaches art class and in his free time, comes to school every Tuesday at 8:00 o’clock in the gym to teach Yoga to anybody who stops by.

Mr. Todd helps his yoga students to become more flexible, calmer and stronger.  Some of the poses are complicated, but the expectations he has of his students are reasonable.

Todd has been doing yoga for many years now. It all started when he took his kids to daycare.  While they were in daycare he would do yoga as a hobby.

Yoga helps the mind, focus the body, and builds muscle and flexibility. “Very relaxing and a great start to the day,” said Constantine Van Sickle. There are many various ways to do yoga, different poses, and many versions of yoga.  Yoga first started in Northern-India over five thousand years ago.

It goes way back to the late 1800s to the early 1900s, Yoga masters would travel to the west to teach and attract others to their yoga.  

Yoga has been proven to be helpful to the mind and body.  Try it sometime, come to the class with Mr. Ingham and, watch videos on poses.  There are multiple ways of pursuing yoga, why not learn some yoga.              


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