College in High School

By Luke Burton

Many high school students plan on going to college after they graduate, but some schools offer an early college program. So is it a good idea to go to college while still in high school.

The academic and emotional rigor of college could put to much pressure on a student that isn’t mature enough. So it really depends on the person. The rigor of college is not for everyone while in high school.  I would only recommend courses of study that I felt a student was prepared for-not only academically, but emotionally and maturity-wise.” says Kathleen Cantrell, Education Specialists at ACA.

In addition college can be a very stressful place. I think it can be more stressful than high school because of the faster paced college level work.

“My experience at CCC was ok.” says Faith Burton, a Senior Student at ACA, “I think personally it’s very very hard to go and do something new, with new people, and new surroundings, every three months like you do at CCC.” Some students also just underestimate the work that college is. College work is always going to be harder than high school work, not necessarily academically, but emotionally.

I feel like college can be really good for students that are prepared for it. You can learn things in a shorter amount of time and have the opportunity to learn things that high schools don’t offer all the time.

Another benefit of going to college are the courses, “If they are over 100-level courses, they will also count towards a degree.”  said Cantrell. Getting college credit while in high school could be a very good head start towards what you want to do. On the other hand if the college doesn’t have the courses that you want then it could be a waste of time and money. “I wouldn’t go back to CCC. I would pick a specific school that has my specific career and go there.” said Burton.

Before choosing to go to college in high school, you should take into consideration the stress of the workload, if you are prepared enough, and if the college has your desired courses. Going to college while in high school could be great or it could be terrible, it really depends on the person.


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