Harvest Ball/Haunted House reactions

By Samantha Rands

The Harvest Ball was October 27th

Organizers consider the Harvest Ball and Haunted House success despite some technical difficulties. The profit made from tickets sales was $111.02, which will go towards funds for prom.

Beth Sugrue, a mom at ACA and the Harvest Dance coordinator, said, “I think overall the dance went pretty well. We had a lot of logistical problems that I hadn’t anticipated, ie no lights, issues with sound equipment and music. That took a lot more time to deal with than I’d anticipated. I’m currently trying to get feedback from students. I’d like to know what they liked, what they didn’t, and how we can make it better in the future.”

Ash Scott, who co-DJed the dance, said, “I’d love to do it again next year if I’ll be able to, I’d DJ for any dance and love it. And the DJing program we were using didn’t quite work too well when we tried to pause the songs and it ended up deleting a couple, which resulted in no Thriller, unfortunately. Hopefully it’ll work better next time! The turnout was smaller than last year, but it looked like everyone had a good time! The lights were good, the decorations were amazing, and I think I did an okay job with the music, so overall, I think it went really well. I had a fantastic time and I hope the people who came did as well!”

Sugrue sold some of the dance decorations. The money made from that will go towards buying music from iTunes for future dances. According to Danelle Till, the business manager, the sales from that was around $30-40.

This was the first year a haunted house was a part of the harvest dance. Sugrue said, “I feel the haunted house suffered the most from the logistical issues. Trying to put up and take down something like that in two days is extremely difficult.”

There also was no costume contest like there normally was. Sugrue said that was because the students she asked didn’t seem that interested in it and prefered the DJs give out candy and glow sticks instead.



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