Sarah Head’s Many Faces

By Mackenzie Waterman

Sarah Head isn’t just a ES and teacher. She is a wife, mom, and farmer, as well. She enjoys reading, farming, and hanging out with her kids. Her favorite book is “ Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard. She has two kids (both girls), as well as a lot of animals.  She owns around thirty through thirty five farm animals and two dogs, a cat, and a bunny named “bun bun” that are inside pets.

Mrs. Head learned farming from her mom and has already taught her daughters. Their favorite things to do are harvesting vegetables and planting seeds. Her oldest daughter, age seven, loves making floral arrangements like her mom. Sarah owns a small cut flower business. She sells at Grano bakery and and does custom orders for weddings and events. Right now is also selling wreaths.

Mrs. Head describes herself as dedicated, inquisitive, hard working, busy, and tired. She worked at a small alternative school for ten years before coming to work at ACA. This is her second year working here.

“It’s great” She said when asked her thoughts on working here at ACA. “The flexibility lets me do all the other crazy things I’m doing, and students and staff relationships are really strong.”

Her teaching philosophy is “That students should be equally challenged and supported, and learning to question and analyze and, investigate the world is why we teach, so teaching students to do those things. And that the more students learn the more empathetic they can be towards people who are different than themselves. “

Sarah Head works with a different school doing teacher education stuff and professional development for teachers, “helping them implement a proficiency model into their school.” As Sarah stated in our interview.



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