The ACA Winter Concerts Aftermath

By Alyssa DiLoreto

As you may know, ACA held the winter concerts in the gym. In the previous story on the Winter Concerts, quite a few students shared many concerns on the amount of space, and sound quality.

In a classroom discussion with Jonathan Cheskin’s Orchestra II class, 2 out of 10 students said that there was not very much room. There was also very limited seating. When at Jackson, there was a lot of room to walk move around, going back and forth setting up chairs, and for performers to go on and off the stage with their expensive instruments.

The subject of keeping the concert at ACA is very debatable. Several people believe it was fine, and it makes it easier for ACA families to know where they’re going. While another large amount of people though agreeing with the easy access, they think it barely gave enough room for friends and family to watch.

According to Mr Cheskin, on Friday, there were 55 performers and an audience of approximately 180. On Saturday, there were 90 performers and other audience of 260 (some students sat in the audience while they were not performing). The maximum occupancy for the gym is 352 due to fire hazards. The Jackson auditorium has approximately 800 seats, and is free to rent-we only pay the site monitor, who also runs a soundboard for the concerts.

Some students, with several others agreements, claimed the green room (room 220) was too small, the stage was to small, and there were not enough seats for guests as some of the audience had to stand in the back. A student also added that the gym acoustics were terrible.

However, that was the opinion of very few. Many students from various music classes think that it went very well. None could deny that it was slightly cramped, but in the end it all worked out quite well.

Erika Lute, an ACA parent, says that she thinks the acoustics are not very good for music concerts.However, she did like that they didn’t have to transport. It was much easier to set up and take down.

The Music Department Head, Jonathan Cheskin, says, “Our gym is not a perfect acoustic space. Performers in the back of the stage tend not to be heard. Barclay and Jackson are both better in this regard. On the other hand, if you have a talented sound engineer (and we did) this problem can be alleviated.”



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